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Robotic Knee Surgery

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When conservative therapies aren’t enough to relieve chronic knee pain or correct a deformity in your knee joint, you may be a candidate for robotic knee surgery. At Total Joint Specialists, the orthopedic surgeons use advanced robotic-assisted technologies from Mako® and VELYS™ to repair soft tissue with fewer risks than traditional surgery. To find out if robotic knee surgery is right for you, call the office nearest you in Midtown Atlanta, Alpharetta, Braselton, Canton, Cumming, Gainesville, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, or Woodstock, Georgia, or request an appointment online today.

Robotic Knee Surgery Q&A

What is robotic knee surgery?

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Robotic-assisted knee surgery can be used in different scenarios to achieve optimal results. These technologies feature surgical tools and a high-definition camera that can see the sensors placed around the joint.

The camera transmits a close-up view of the surgical site to an external monitor your surgeon references during the procedure. The surgeons control the robotic arm and the computer assists in the creation of the contours for the implants. This allows them a higher level of control over the surgical tools and cut surfaces.

The surgeons at Total Joint Specialists offer both the Mako robotic system and the VELYS robotic-assisted surgical technology for knee surgeries.

The Mako technology also features 3D image scans of your knee joint so your surgeon can confirm the size and positioning of your knee structures. This provides better surgical outcomes for complex surgeries.

Why would I need robotic knee surgery?

Robotic knee surgery can be used for joint replacements that are straightforward to the more complex ones. This is but one of many tools that are available to your surgeon to help achieve the best outcome. Your surgeon will evaluate if you are a candidate for robotic surgery.

The goal of knee surgery is to improve the function of your knee joint and alleviate chronic pain from disease or injury.

What are the benefits of robotic knee surgery?

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The VELYS robotic-assisted technology helps your surgeon create a personalized surgical plan to meet your needs. The robotic arm allows your surgeon to operate with a high level of precision and address complicated joint replacements.

To expedite your recovery from knee surgery, Total Joint Specialists offers the Force Therapeutics video-based recovery program. This free program offers a patient portal where you can access your personalized care plan for physical therapy and important information about your recovery. You can also communicate directly with your care team through the Force Therapeutics system.

To find out if you’re a candidate for robotic knee surgery, call the Total Joint Specialists office nearest you today or request an appointment online.