Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

If only one region of the knee is damaged and the remaining areas are healthy, partial knee replacement could be a great option for you. Our orthopedic surgeons often use state-of-the-art technologies to perform partial knee replacements.

What Is Partial Knee Replacement?

“Full” knee replacement surgery is the best treatment option when all surfaces inside the knee are damaged. If only one area inside your knee is damaged, your surgeon can replace only that area and retain healthy bone and cartilage surfaces in other areas. Partial knee replacements are most commonly done on the inner, or “medial,” aspect of the knee. However, they are also an option for the outer, or “lateral,” and front “patellofemoral” areas of the knee.

Who Is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Right For?

Partial knee replacement surgery may be an option if you have damage in only one area inside the knee resulting in chronic pain, joint instability, or stiffness that interferes with your everyday activities and impairs your quality of life. It is essential that there is no or minimal damage in other areas of the knee.

What Does Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Involve?

Often, partial knee replacement can be done through smaller incisions and less soft-tissue damage. Although the risk of needing a repeat surgery in the future is higher, partial knee replacements can provide many years of improvement in pain, function, and quality of life.

Patient Success

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What You Can Expect

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