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Knee Pain

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About one-quarter of adults experience periodic to frequent knee pain. Whether it’s sporadic or constant, knee pain can cause severe problems in function and reduce your quality of life. At Total Joint Specialists in Midtown Atlanta, Alpharetta, Braselton, Canton, Cumming, Gainesville, Lawrenceville, Sandy Springs, and Woodstock, Georgia, the research-driven team of orthopedic surgeons offers innovative solutions for knee pain. Call the office nearest you or click the online scheduler.

Knee Pain Q&A

When should I seek help for knee pain?

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If you have regular knee pain, there are a few signs that it’s time to seek help, including if:

  • You can’t perform your usual tasks unaided
  • Knee pain keeps you up at night
  • Knee pain prevents normal walking
  • Knee pain disrupts your activities

Many people think of knee pain as something to live with, rather than something they can overcome. But, the Total Joint Specialists specialists offers a range of solutions that can help you return to normal activities without pain.

What are the treatment options for knee pain?

There are many options to treat knee pain depending on the cause of the pain.  An injury can benefit from rest, ice, or maybe some anti-inflammatory medicine.  A meniscus or cartilage tear often presents with symptoms of night pain or pain with squatting or twisting.  This may benefit from a minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.  Arthritis, which is often experienced as start-up pain when getting up after being seated for a period of time or first steps in the morning, can be treated with activity modification, medicine, injections or possibly even surgery.

Is knee replacement surgery a good knee pain solution?

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Knee arthritis is a common cause of knee pain, and knee replacement is the gold standard treatment for end-stage arthritis. Knee replacement is a bit of a misnomer because it involves resurfacing your joint rather than replacing the entire joint structure. There are two general types of knee joint replacement: partial and total.

A total knee replacement removes and replaces most of your knee joint surfaces, while a partial knee replacement only replaces a smaller, often singular, damaged surface. By restoring these damaged or worn-out surfaces with custom-fitted new surfaces, you can return to a life without pain.

The specialists at Total Joint Specialists evaluate all options and often choose the least invasive surgical protocol possible, starting with careful pre-surgery planning. The planning process usually involves using digital imaging or occasionally CT scans to create a 3D image of your knee.

Your surgeon maps the ideal implant dimensions and positions to suit your unique anatomy. The surgeons use the latest cutting-edge technology to perform knee replacement surgery, including the Mako ® and VELYS™ digital surgery systems.  

The top priority is preserving as much of your natural bone and soft tissue as possible, which in turn leads to a superior joint replacement fit and improved comfort and function after your surgery.

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