Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

The surgeons at Total Joint Specialists proudly offer advanced robotic-assisted surgery systems for knee and hip replacement.

Why Would I Need Robotic Joint Surgery?

Although the use of robotics has not resulted in a consistent improvement in the way patients feel after surgery, robotic technology is a powerful tool that allows precise placement of the components used in hip and knee replacement surgery. Robotic assistance is especially useful for patients who have abnormal bony anatomy, complex joint deterioration, or previous trauma to the bone that distorts its shape. In addition, robotics are often useful in revision or “redo” hip and knee replacements.

What Is Involved in Robotic Surgery?

During robotic surgery, our surgeons control a robotic arm guided by a special “camera” that generates a 3D model of the joint. The arm holds specialized surgical instruments used to prepare the bone during the surgery. The camera sends 3D images of the surgical site to an external monitor that your surgeon references throughout the procedure. The surgeon can control the robotic arm with a high level of precision during bone preparation.

Which Robot?

There are many robotic options available for those undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery. Often, the robotic technology is linked to a specific implant manufacturer. Although the technologies are all different, the concept of precision is similar. Commonly used robotic platforms include: 

  • CORI◊ Surgical System
  • ROSA® Robotics 
  • Mako SmartRobotics™ 
  • VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution

What Can I Expect With Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery?

Recovery after robotic hip and knee replacement surgery is similar to its non-robotic counterpart. With some robotic platforms, additional small incisions are needed to attach instruments to the leg. 

If you have an interest in robotic-assisted hip or knee replacement surgery, please discuss the option with your Total Joint Specialists surgeon.

Patient Success

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What You Can Expect

At Total Joint Specialists, we make sure you know exactly what you can expect as you prepare for joint surgery. We help you learn how to prepare and understand expected recovery timelines, postoperative care instructions, and an overview of pain management strategies.

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With exceptional focus and expertise in advanced joint care, our doctors at Total Joint Specialists spend every day setting the standard in robotic joint replacement. Our team has the knowledge and skill to offer the guidance, support, and care plan that is right for your joint pain and your goals.

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