Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the most effective and definitive way to treat knee arthritis. The surgery will improve pain, function, and quality of life better than any other treatment option.  

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Total Knee Replacement 
A total knee replacement entails resurfacing the damaged parts of the joint through an incision on the front or side of the joint. The primary ligaments and soft tissues remain intact as the joint is replaced. 

Partial Knee Replacement
A partial knee replacement involves the removal of only the damaged part of your knee joint and replacing it with an artificial device. The healthy parts of the knee are maintained. This can be considered if only one compartment of the knee is involved.

What Happens During Knee Replacement Surgery?

Your treatment begins with a presurgical evaluation to plan for the best size and position of your new knee joint. Your surgeon will use multiple techniques to plan for the optimal joint replacement, including templated digital X-rays and, sometimes, CT scans.

During surgery, specialized instrumentation and enabling technologies are used to position the implant in the ideal position.  Only the minimal amount of bone is removed to allow for a well-balanced and mobile knee. 

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Knee Replacement Surgery?

Everyone heals differently after knee replacement surgery. Almost all patients go home the same day walking independently with a walker. Patients are able to walk in the house without anyone’s assistance, but assistance at home by a family member, friend, or other care partner for the first several days is essential. 

Most return to the office between 2 and 4 weeks without a walking device. Return to sporting activities can take 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the intensity of the sport. Your team at Total Joint Specialists will monitor your healing process and offer a combination of pain control services to keep you comfortable.

Patient Success

At Total Joint Specialists, our compassionate and skilled team works together and with you to understand your needs and help you meet all your goals. To better understand what you can expect when partnering with our team, see our many patient success stories.

Success Stories


What You Can Expect

At Total Joint Specialists, we make sure you know exactly what you can expect as you prepare for joint surgery. We help you learn how to prepare and understand expected recovery timelines, postoperative care instructions, and an overview of pain management strategies.

What to Expect

Specialized Knee Replacement Care You Can Trust

With exceptional focus and expertise in advanced knee care, our doctors at Total Joint Specialists spend every day setting the standard in knee replacement. Our team has the knowledge and skill to offer the guidance, support, and care plan that is right for your knee pain and your goals.

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