Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Over the past two decades, the surgeons at Total Joint Specialists have played an instrumental role in the development and improvement of the anterior approach technique for total hip replacement. In 2009, our surgeons were the first to perform the technique in the Atlanta area. Since then, our surgeons have performed over 20,000 anterior hip replacement procedures. We have unparalleled experience and expertise with this technique. No other group of surgeons compares.

What Is Anterior Hip Replacement?

Anterior is another word for “front." As such, the anterior approach involves the use of an incision on the front of the hip to access the hip joint. Because of the muscular anatomy on the front of the hip, the procedure can be done sparing the muscles and soft tissues. In addition, the procedure is done with the patient in the supine position (lying on one's back). The supine position is ideal for hip replacement as it provides positioning consistency, which reduces implant placement errors. In addition, this position is more comfortable and allows the optimal anesthetic techniques.

What Advantages Does Anterior Hip Replacement Offer?

There are some notable advantages to anterior hip replacement, the most significant being the reduction in muscle and tissue damage. Because there is less tissue trauma, patients experience considerably less postsurgical pain and recover more quickly. In addition, the procedure allows the surgeon to use imaging technology to ensure the proper positioning of the implants. This same technology allows the surgeon to visualize the length of the legs during the surgery. This dramatically reduces the risk of a difference in the length of the legs after surgery. Robot assistance can be coupled with the anterior approach when appropriate.

How Is Recovery After Anterior Hip Replacement?

Because the muscles that support your hip joint aren't damaged as much using the anterior approach, they provide better, more stable support for your new hip. This means that you're less likely to dislocate your new hip. 

Although each person is unique, most people who undergo anterior hip replacements at Total Joint Specialists are walking without assistance within 1 to 2 weeks.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Anterior Hip Replacement?

Anterior hip replacement is an excellent option for almost all people who are candidates for hip replacement surgery. The single most important factor to consider is the surgeon's experience with the procedure. We do not advise having this procedure by a surgeon who does not focus exclusively on its use.

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