Georgia Joint Specialists is now Total Joint Specialists!

Ranked #1 in the Nation: ACJS joint surgeons partner with Northside Forsyth

The surgeons at ACJS are proud partners with Northside Forsyth Hosptial in achieving national recongition for joint replacement surgery.  They are ranked #1 Nationally for lowest length of stay and #1 in Georgia for lowest readmissions.  This means that you will get home quickly, but most importantly, safely.  The surgeons were also ranked #1 most experienced in the state of Georgia.  The goal has always been to develop a program that serves the community with the highest standards for outcomes and safety.  This required input from everyone involved in the pateint care experience.  And it was this collaboration that was reconginzed by Dexur as #1 in the state of Georgia and the Nation.  

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